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    • AOR - Areas of Responsibility
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    • CA - is a shortened term for Civil Affairs, part of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.
    • Conventional or Traditional Warfare - A form of warfare between states that employs direct military confrontation to defeat an adversary's armed forces, destroy an adversary's war-making capacity, or seize or retain territory in order to force a change in an adversary's government or policies. The focus of conventional military operations is normally an adversary's armed forces, with the objective of influencing the adversary's government. It generally assumes that the people indigenous to the operational area are non-belligerents and will accept whatever political outcome the belligerent governments impose, arbitrate or negotiate. A fundamental military objective in convetional military operations is to minimize civilian interference in those operations.
    • Counterinsurgency - Those political, economic, military, paramilitary, psychological and civic actions taken by a government to defeat an insurgency.
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    • FID - Forgien Internal Defense is participation by civilian and military agencies of a government in any of the action programs taken by another government or other designated organization to free and protect its society from subversion, lawlessness and insurgency.
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    • Green Beret/s - Green Berets is a nickname for U.S. Army Special Forces, also nicknamed SF.
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    • Hooch, Hootch - A small area (varying in size depending on available space) carved out as a 'home away from home' when deployed. It is normally comprised of some type of bed (cot, hammock, bed roll, sleeping bag, etc.) and the immediate area that is used to sleep, display photos of loved ones (if there is room), store personal items (snacks, games, clothes, etc.) and necessities (rucksak, gun, ammo, etc.).
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    • Irregular Warfare - A violent struggle among state and nonstate actors for legitimacy and influence over the revelent population.
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    • Q Course - is a shortened term for the U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification Course. A five phase course lasting forty eight to fifty four weeks at Ft. Bragg, NC, USA. The Q Course does not admit female soldiers.
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    • SF - is a shortned term for U.S. Army Special Forces, soldiers who have completed the U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification Course and are serving or have served with a U.S. Army Special Forces unit. The Department of Defense does not allow female soliders into Army Special Forces.
    • SOF - is a shortened term for U.S. Special Operations Forces, which is all the unconventional forces and units from all the U.S. Armed Services, commanded by the U.S. Special Operations Command.
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    • Unconventiona Warfare - Operations conducted by, with or through irregular forces in support of a resistance movement, an insurgency or conventional military operations.
    • Unified Combatant Command - Exercise command authority over the military forces provided by the services and assigned to them by the Secretary of Defense. There are ten unified combatant commands. Six have regional responsibilities, and four have functional responsibilities.
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